Fathers day

What we did for fathers day? Now that Adu is too small to plan anything. .so his mamma(me)decided to surprise his dad with his choice of breakfast…I didn’t do much..made a lemonade..my hubby likes lemonade to start the day, generally he has to ask me several times to make one so it was special today..His choice of breakfast included bacon and eggs with cheese garlic bread. image I didn’t to all this alone.Adu helped me make breakfast in case you wondering how Adu helped me..He played silently while I cooked. Hubby took us out for dinner in the evening..chinese restaurant (my choice ) we had non veg platter for starters, .seafood soup and lamb curry and fried rice for main course..and what topped the list was fried ice creams…overall good experience. ..Adu was not so happy throughout. .may be because of the dim light. Of course, dining is not that easy these days but we take turns to handle Adu while one of us munches on food and this team effort works just fine image Pic from the restaurant

Hubby as been great support throughout pregnancy and after…Adu is lucky, we love to give him bath together and it’s lovely the way we do small small things for him. .I know Adu wil remember all when he grows up. I Don’t remember my dad doing these things for me. .I love the way how  these days daddy’s team up together to help mommy at home in upbringing the child. ..I wish more and more daddy’s participate equally at home in taking care of their babies.


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