Baby you are 10 months old already! !

Time has been flying ..seems like yesterday ..when you were so teeny weeny in my arms…look at you today ..All grown up. .today u were trying to stand on your own.. You would stand for few seconds and fall…daddy smiles and admires and mamma runs to hold you. …These days you offer whatever you eat to me…biscuits, chips ..that is really cute…Yesterday you had ice cream. .oh! how much u enjoy ice cream.. but this is not the 1st time you had ice creams ..last time you had  vanilla flavour in wonder mamma used to have ice cream craving in pregnancy.

Milestone you have achieved by 10 months:
Crawling (really fast)
Standing with support(walk with support like holding table or sofa)
Says ba ba (when in mood)
You have got 3 upper front teeth and 2 lower front teeth(you bite really bad)
Climbing stairs
We already introduced eggs chicken and mutton soup to you(daddy is impatient)
But you didn’t like the taste
I am falling in love with you every second you babba. .


This pic is from hypercity. .u totally loved your trolley ride..

Today we went for grocery shopping..I got you a book ..big book with lots of pictures. .



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