Adu breaks daddy’s favorite toy

Adu you are 7 months old now and daddy got this musical toy. How daddy thought of this toy? The other day we went on a play date and I saw you taking interest in the musical toys and discussed this with daddy and guess what daddy remembered and got you this beautiful fisher price musical toy. Do you like it?? Totally, you keep pressing the buttons and only if I could describe daddy’s expression and excitement. He just keeps watching you play. Most of the time it manages to keep you happy unless you are in very bad mood.

3 months later(9th Aug)

You are 10 months old now. You love to play with remote and mobiles. Toys can hardly keep you entertained except your musical toy. You got today after your late evening nap and daddy gave you this musical toy to play. While mamma and daddy were busy in the kitchen, you can’t even imagine what you did.. you peed on the toy..hahhahah hahah. Pee was dripping out from it. You should have seen daddy’s expression. ..hahahhhaa it was damn funny. He was so sad, the toy was not functioning properly. We Opened Up the toy and kept it to dry with (fingers crossed) Let’s see tomo. Will update tomo.

After a week
Daddy was finally in mood yesterday to repair your toy…and he patiently fixed all the screws one by one….and how delighted he was. Your toy is working fine…and there you are pressing the buttons and getting excited each time you hear the toy sing “B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O and bingo was his namo”.


One comment

  1. Ha .. Ha .. Smart kid ! Growing fast !! Now one more chapter soon be started in your blog , definitely with the title ‘Adventures of Adu’ 😉


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