Adu turns 11 months today!!

“Often a thought crosses my mind while you are in my arms,
Time will fly,and you will outgrow my arms,
how much I will miss these days,my heart alone knows,
you might not even remember these moments,
but I am sure the warmth of love will stay forever,
and I will have loads and loads of story to tell you as you grow”

Today, Adu turned 11 months,cant believe it..seems like time is running a marathon.

New things that have added to Adu’s activities:

. Has started referring or calling his dad as ba-ba..other syllables that he uses are ka pa ba da etc
. Stands unsupported for sometime..has started cruising comfortably ..tries to take a step or two but falls
. Has started clapping
. Smiles and enjoys his favorite songs and commercials
. Loves to go out and enjoys car drives too
. Recently he has started waking up early in the morning and takes a long nap in the afternoon

Things that are same as before:

. Night feedings are same as before
. we co-sleep

Notes: Last week Adu got viral fever,cold and cough. It took around 10 days for him to recover. Cough was really bad….temperature came down after 3 to 4 days. He was very cranky and uncomfortable. we took him to doc was advised meds…we did lot of home remedies as well like tulsi water with ginger and honey, vaporizer, eucalyptus oil etc. Adu didnt eat for couple of days. slowly he recovered and everything was back to normal.


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