Adu’s Eating Habbit so far…

I introduced Solids to Adu after 6 months of successful breastfeeding. Ofcourse, I still Bf my baby and plan to continue. We were all excited and had planned well in advance ..discussing with lot of fellow mothers and our paed. I started with brown rice porridge.we followed the 4 -day rule. I gave one meal per day to begin with ..and progressed to 2 meals and 3 meals gradually. I also kept changing the texture from puree to coarser gradually.

Food introduced at 6th month and after:

Brown rice porridge
Moong dal soup
carrot puree
Apple Sauce
Banana puree
Bottle gourd

Food introduced at 7th month and after: (started 2 meals)

Brown rice and dal khichdi
Introduced white rice as brown rice used to take forever to get cooked
Ragi porridge (finger millet)
Oats Porridge
sweet potato

Food introduced at 8th month and after: (started 3 meals)

Beans puree
Mashed potato
Rava (semolina)

Food introduced at 9th month and after: (started 3 meals)

Poha (flattened rice)
Puffed rice
Daliya (broken wheat)
Jowar (sorghum)
Bajra (pearl millet)
Some other local veggies
eggs (as advised by doc)

Food introduced at 10th month and after: (started 3 meals)

By now Adu was introduced to almost all the flavors I started mixing herbs and spices in his food too
chicken soup
mutton soup
variety rice
Dosas, Idly, chapati
He started eating from our plate
He has developed likeness for some food and dislikes for many by now..

Some of Adu’s favorite food:

Rava dosa
Ragi dosa
rice,dal and ghee
mutton soup
Ragi porridge
Pav and butter
Daliya khichdi
Curd and lassi

Note: BM tops Adu’s Favorite food list.

Will keep updating this post…and will write the recipes too

I found this yesterday while searching for english names of some of the grains ( quite useful


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