Mind clutter…

Lately, lot of things have been running in my mind….I really wanted to write and today finally got some time. Today Adu slept after his breakfast and hubby slept quite late so I am planning to skip cooking breakfast and directly make lunch today. I had some porridge which I made for Adu so I am all set to write until
Adu wakes up.

But so many things are running on my mind..This is what happens when I don’t write from long time. Better I will list out things I plan to write this might help me choose something.

1.) Adu’s eating habit so far and his favorite dishes
2.) Adu’s upcomig birthday
3.) Transition from night person to morning person
4.) After Marriage..
5.) Breastfeeding ..A journey not so difficult (This I plan to write after I complete my 1st year of successful Bfing)
6.) My Pregnancy..(Those nine months) this is going to be a long post
7.) My first day with Adu
8.) Packing for labor day..Things to keep in mind..
9.) Post delivery..New born at home
10.) Preparing for newborn before delivery

There are many other things will keep updating my list.


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