Transformation from night owl to morning cuckoo..

Now that Adu has started waking up early…its a good opportunity for me to enjoy the mornings…sleeping late and waking up late always used to make me feel guilty..

Its a week now ..Mostly we watch tv or I knit or do daily chores in the morning or keep pinning something or the other from pinterest. Today while pinning I saw there were lot of bread recipes saved in my board. Luckily, I had dry active yeast at home which I bought last week. So I looked up at some easy recipes and decided to make some rolls. I had kneaded a lot of flour as the mixture was quite sticky and kept absorbing water. I had enough dough so after I put first batch of rolls ..I thought to do some crescent rolls( ..still I had some dough left and so decided to do bread sticks with the remaining ( As I am writing, the bread sticks are in the process of baking. This is my first attempt at baking hope it turns nice and eatable so that I can skip making breakfast today…I always spend some time in the bread section of the supermarkets and simply admire the breads ..they always motivated me to make my own bread and finally the day has come..I am happy. All of them look good after they are out ..I hope I get good feedback from hubby and adu after the taste them.

Adu and hubby gave thumbs up to my breads…I made cheese dip with mayo coriander and garlic…also a cabbage coleslaw and both turned out to be good.

Bread sticks ready ..

Croissant all ready ..
Dinner rolls out of the oven
Croissant in making

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