Adu not well.

Suddenly Adu vomited today…he was playing nicley since morning. ..around 8.30 pm I gave him beans and carrot puree. He was quite sleepy so I put him in bed..he woke up crying in 5 min and vomited all he had. Cried a lot and stayed with his dad ..he again slept and then woke up with good mood this time. I gave him a biscuit to eat..he ate and vomited again..After 15 min or so..very little this time. .again he was dull and cranky …I tried to put him to sleep and offered him bm..he took little and vomited again..this time again he vomited too much quantity. He was cranky and dull ..somehow I managed to put him to sleep. hope he gets better by tomo. Babies when they are sick makes us so helpless. He is having cold since a week and had diarrhoea too ..diarrhoea s not der now. He seems feverish too..
God please make him all right. I have booked appointment for tomo. With his doc.
I am not able to rule out..what could possibly go wrong

1. Indigestion?
2. He would have eaten something from floor?
3. Any food poisoning?
4. Stomach flu?


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