Adu surprises mamma

Adu is hardly a week away from his 1st  birthday and lately he has been surprising me with lots of new activities.
It’s been 2 to 3 weeks  now and we are practising a routine to sleep on time and waking up early. We never had a schedule before and everything was random. Now we are eating all meals on time at least trying to.

I have also started toilet training for Adu since yesterday. After Adu wakes up from sleep we go to the toilet and I make that ssssssss sound for him to pee and wait for sometime and if it is taking too much time we Leave it.

I am giving 3 meals to Adu now with fruit snacks in between. He has learnt to eat apple now. I give him apple pieces and he bites and eat though wasting most of it but it’s fun to watch him eat. The other day I gave him pomegranate and he enjoyed playing and picking up one by one to eat. Breakfast is generally porridge now, lunch is rice and dal with veggies and dinners are mostly chapati or dosa etc evening snacks are mostly fruits.

Now and then he takes a step or two to go from one table to another. Today he took like four to five steps to go from couch to the TV. I silently observe him so that he doesn’t get conscious and forget to record all the time.

Adu likes to speak a lot these days actually scream…He screams loudly and wants me to scream too, so both of us keep screaming all the time. He doesn’t say words clearly still. He says ma for me ba for his dad and bu for milk.
(My interpretation) today we played this screaming game and adu laughed and laughed…It was fun

Adu has invented so many games to play..He hides behind the table and wants me to seek for him and again stands and again bends. .., he screams and then waits for me to scream, he awaits the response patiently. He wants me to sit with him on his playmat while he plays. The moment I touch his toys he comes running to play and takes the toy from my hand.

I have started reading to Adu on a regular basis now. Before I used to read now and then but now I have started reading after his bath and the best part is how sometimes he points at the book for me to read. He also shouts while I read as if to participate and sometimes just go round and round of the book while listening. He remembers the dialogue from the book and laughs or looks at my face at his favorite dialogues. Adu enjoys listening to rhymes when putting him to sleep. “Five little monkeys”, lakdi ki khati, jingle bells , found a peanut are among his favorites.

Adu loves his bath time and now a
days he himself enters the tub while I prepare his water, when in good mood splashes the water all over.


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