It was a tough night ….

After three episodes of vomiting yesterday night ..Adu tried to sleep. .and I thought things will settle down. .I prayed and kept finger crossed. .so that there is no more vomiting. …Adu felt better after vomiting the 3rd time and played for a while..he didn’t want to sleep ..though I kept in my arms and kept singing to him. .He just wanted to be held..and after sometime while he played in the hall ..I managed some early morning dinner. ..I was hungry tired and sleepy..After that I tried to put Adu to sleep..though I was scared to offer him any bm..he had bm and slept around 4 .30 am or so..hubby slept in the hall yesterday. Adu slept holding me throughout. …He got up around 9 am in the morning. .was looking good ..played in the balcony for some time in the sun…went potty twice …diarrhoea types. .and again became cranky..just before I was preparing his water for bathing ..he vomited again…He had good bath ..and I made  pearl sago porridge for him…He ate..then we started for docs clinic. .he slept on the way and in the clinic he Was ok. ..doc saw him and sid it. Seemed like viral ..gave meds ..for vomiting diarrhea cold and fever and asked us to come back in case fever increases..We have given the meds for vomiting …fingers crossed.  Hope Adu gets better very soon.


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