Happy 1st birthday bubba!!

Adu turns 1 year today, I can’t believe yet…(yes, every mother says this) it’s nice to see him grow but at the same time ..I feel scared somewhere within ..I am so going to miss all the moments already spent….

Plans for today…
We are having a small function in the evening..hosted by inlaws…since many relatives haven’t seen him yet…so I don’t have any idea about the party ..its kinda surprise for me and Adu…let’s see how it goes…hope Adu will have good time…

What I wanted actually….
I wanted to stay at home… bake a smash cake for Adu at home..do some decorations at home…call some close friends at eve..or just be with Adu full time..yes, I wouldn’t mind receiving calls for wishes ..but otherwise I wanted just three of us to be there..because what I believe is Adu is too small to enjoy all this..and he won’t be comfortable in such crowd either..and then this is such a private moment for me which I wouldn’t like to share with anybody…We could have done all this some other day..


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