Oye womania take it slow!

We the women, we do it all and still we keep thinking we could not do it all!!! (Kinda rhyming na)

We want to cook for our hubby for our baby…We want healthy we want tasty or sometimes we just Wanna order food and eat something unhealthy

We clean the house ..Some manage with help, some do it without help and sometimes we leave the house at gods grace and leave it as it is …

We want to go out, we want to look our best some with make up and some just like that, while sometime we just like to stay at home in our shorts or pj’s, with untidy hair..

Some of us want to pursue are career some of us just want to give our careers some rest. .

We read the Internet..We share our knowledge thorough facebook and wats app, we gossip and chat over so many issues till midnight..

Sometime we prefer playing with our kids sometimes we just want want some tv and some time for our selves…

We want to learn something everyday some of us wanna learn how to stay fit some if us wanna learn how to eat good..Some of us want to bake..and this list us endless

We are worried about what schools to choose, what food to give, what books to read and are we doing enough

Whatever we do..We do for our families wellness and for their love ..We should we proud that their life revolves around us …

We should be happy and most of all we should be content. .comparisons might not help since we all are different and no doubt we all are unique and blessed

Well..We are smart, we are cool. We are good, we are the women

A big shout out to all the lovely women..

As I wrote this I thought of every friend, relative and all other people I talk to or I have met. ..All of you are amazing at heart ..And a big  salute to all the womania…


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