Cooking…in my words!!!

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I wrote…I have been little busy with certain things lately..(yes, really no excuse) …

Anyways, I thought of something really interesting to write this week…I am sure we all are familiar in this department to some extent ..If not with willingness then for “paapi pet ka sawal hai” reason…Yes..I am talking about cooking..since cooking is something I do everyday religiously, I thought its worth a write up…

cooking: (as defined by google)
  1. the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

I remember my mom’s complaints and laments over my not interested in cooking attitude’ since my school  time ..While most of my friend’s mom’s or dad’s wouldn’t allow their daughters to kitchen because according to them anyways ‘girls needs to cook later in life’ so why torture them so early…but at my house my mom insisted that I learn cooking as whatever or whoever you will be life …u can’t skip cooking”(my moms favorite dialogue)

So,pretty much.. I learnt cooking when I was in school..I used to stand with my mom in the kitchen and observe or sometimes try my hand in cooking.

Later on…in college, cooking became more of a requirement of time, when I suffered from chronic food poisoning due to my hostel food, I cooked during internship and later during my Chennai days too… but cooking just for yourself to fill your stomach after a long tiring day is completely different then cooking after marriage….

Well…like I said cooking after marriage is a completely different story…being married to a South Indian, I had to start learning to cook from scratch to cater to my hubby’s palate. So my kitchen life was juggling with more of rasam, sambar and kozambu’s. Initially, when I started cooking, it was more of beginners luck and everything came out well and used to be well appreciated, only when I had to repeat the delicacies I came to know that this internet knowledge was not enough….consistency and experience does matter. like old people say “ye baal dhoop mein safed nahi huye hai”, so slowly after several flop shows, I managed to get to basics.

Another challange that lay in front of me was cooking non-veg food,coming from a vegetarian family where my mom thinks that eating non-veg is literally a sin, but here the story was entirely different hubby is a big time foodie and great non-veg food lover.  I don’t deny the fact that ,I myself drool over non-veg food (thanks to my hostel friends), but cooking was a distant thing…but like they conquers all so, I eventually learnt cooking meat and sea food  too ..though cleaning and washing is taken care by hubby. Now we make biryani, mutton, chicken curries also we experiment a lot with different fishes available in the market…my style of cooking mostly converges to his palate …there is a old saying “The way through a man’s heart is his stomach”

My cooking journey took a new turn when Adi came to our lives, cooking for him made me read and research as he  began his eating solid food. I learnt about fruits,baby first foods,pureeing,mashing, learnt more about fruits anddifferent veggies, basically making more food at home  etc. Adi’s food habits keep changing and I am not yet sure if he likes sweet or salty or spicy or for him is all mood dependent…but yeah he is a big rajma fan …he is also slowly developing taste for non-veg good…but overall a very fussy eater…

So,I think cooking becomes really important for the people we cook and our cooking style dependents on people’s taste and preferences we cook for…other person that I really enjoy cooking for is my Dad..I remember how much he used to love my experiments and would wait for evenings for my daily experiments on evening snacks…still when I go home, he looks forward to my snacks every evening….and brags about the goodness of food to all…

So, basically cooking is more of an acquired entity, it doesn’t come to us overnight but we learn so much in the process…cooking teaches us so many skills, how to make a balance, approximation of  spices and salt in a dish, how to manage with limited veggies or ingredients and yet manage a tasty dish….,management of time, handling so many things together be it chopping, simultaneous preparation of another three to four other dishes. Cooking according to me is basically a multimodal entity where there is along with mind the body and other senses involved…but still our focus is maintained…cooking is an art…cooking is meditation….this was my take on cooking….

Keep enjoying making good and healthy food for your loved ones…..good food will keep them healthy and happy  and like they say …”health is wealth”


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