O mommy!!Are things under control

Well….sometimes I feel like such a mess..and things seem to fall apart..I feel like crying nothing seems to be working…yes, I am mommy to a toddler..do I need to explain it more..
1.) House looks dirty?
-You just can’t help it. .clean it as and when possible. .don’t obsess over it..no body is giving you a prize for a clean and tidy house.

2.) My tot is such a bad eater. .he doesn’t like to eat what I cook for him..is doesn’t seem to be gaining weight ..my inlaws have been constantly making me feel guilty of this..what do I do?
-take a deep breath..babies appetite keeps changing I think. .today he ate properly, tomorrow he might be fussy..without any reason..what so over…tell your inlaws that you know your baby better. .you spend day and night with him/her and we know best for them.

When will my baby start sleeping through the night, what can I do? Why my baby doesn’t like her bed?
-have patience. .The day will come. .your baby likes your smell and wants to cuddle beside you mamma…let her be ..slowly and gradually shift her to her own bed may be when baby is very sleepy..but it might take time..They will take time for this adjustment. Sleeping without you might not be easy on them.

When will my baby stop feeding? I feel so tired and exhausted? I want to wean now…how do I wean my toddler?
Well definitely…weaning won’t happen over a  night…It will really need lots of patience ..your baby has been feeding since birth ..its a big adjustment for her…take it slow. .try to wean slowly ..try to distract her in the afternoons or whenever possible. ..If baby is used to night feeding…It will require more patience..as your tot might get angry and scream and cry ..have patience mamma..this will take time…

How to potty train by tot? My tot doesn’t like to sit in the potty seat?
Slowly make your baby understand to sit in the potty seat..whenever they give you the signal take them to the bathroom …Try to make them sit but don’t be forceful..even if they don’t like the idea now eventually they will understand.

Sometimes nothing might seem to go the way you would have planned for you and your baby…They might be clingy..and probably you don’t get time to your things… you get frustrated. .Your hubby doesn’t help and Inlaws irritate you further with their words of wisdom ..but things will change and for all you  know ..You might miss these moments then. .They will grow out of all this before even you know. ..so give it a rest…Your perseverance will pay. .We can’t change certain things. .We need to accept them. .and face them..your little one needs you now..have you ever realised how innocent their love is..how they go from one room to another searching for you and run to grab you. ..had anybody loved you like that…well…this love is amazing. ..feel it.. cherish it ..These beautiful moments are to be lived …don’t worry of things you can’t do now…You will have plenty of time later….for now hug your bundle of joy..hug their tantrums too….things will never be under control. ..today we are stressed over something ..tomorrow there will be plenty other reasons to stress about…you know you are doing best for your little one.


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