A magical mop..

Being mommy to toddler, its not easy managing the house, my sonny boy has the ability to spill over everything on the floor..,and sometimes it becomes so messy and difficult to clean..recently I visited my friend and saw this amazing Spin Gala Mop, I was amazed how easy it was to use it and mostly cleaning the mop..because squeezing the water from the mop is the most difficult part of moping, but with Gala mop you need not even get your hands dirty..it comes with a tub..and a spinner..the dirty water easily gets off the mop..and your mop head is half dry..there are two compartments down..one to rinse the mop and the other to spin the excess water..and tap is there to drain all the water..it is extremely handy..it comes with wheels and and a handle to take it different rooms..you need not carry it..its very affordable too

This is one of the most amazing mop I have got hands on…just love it..and recommend highly to everybody..you need not bend and get a back ache..the head of the mop absorbs a lot of water..its a blessing guys..


Now cleaning is no more boring for me..as my boy continues to spill and drop..

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