Wanna go green..

What do you do for the environment…,?
Well..difficult question isnt it…
Yeah I know..we all stand at the same place ..
But yeah…we can all can contribute a little in some way..
May be we can say no patakhas this diwali..
Or bow a seed somewhere. .
Or the easiest…say no to plastic bags..
Buy ecofriendly bags may be..
Yeah..Isn’t that a easy solution to go green.

Recently I received this cute bag from go green..they are pretty..just loved it..kudos to greenobag for bringing in such a nice concept of introducing eco friendly bags at reasonable rate..

Check out their facebook page for more..
You will love the bag collection..a very easy way to go green …
And you wont stop at buying just one..
A perfect gift for friends and relatives…
And nice way to spread the message of harmony with environment



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