Are you a techhy, too??


This generation likes to be connected to the social media at all times..they are tech savvy..and they like to stay updated..with various things happening around..smartphones are changing our lives in so many it ..or social sites…we need a smartphone don’t we?? I am sure no one can imagine their lives without smartphones..once they get the hang of it..the question is how much should we spend..??..frankly speaking there is no certain limit ..but yes..we can always choose what we need and settle for ..what fits our budget..

  • Network If you are planning a would want to get a 4G  for a speedy data connectivity..there are ads about 4 G and you don’t wanna feel left out right??
  •  Processor and RAM Another important feature…because you dont want you phone to hang ..while handling multiple applications..that’s damn irritating, so you also need more RAM
  • Battery Life None of the features in the smartphone is worthy if it has bad battery life
  • Storage This is again very important but we have cloud storage available these days..and that is a life saver
  • Camera we cannot compromise with the camera for sure..these days smartphones are replacing cameras..aren’t they?? both front and rear camera is important..specially if you are a selfie freak..
  • screen size These days we see mostly larger display screen ..its actually more of a personal choice..I have a 5 inch display screen and I carry it well..
  • Design and built The look matters a lot right?? it should be sleek and stylish..but with so many stylish covers available in the market these days you can easily cover up ..if you don’t like the style..
  • Price HELL!!..yes…you have to decide from your have to outline what features you want and how to fit in your budget..

keeping all these things in mind ..go ahead pick the smartphone of your choice. Micromax has been revolutionizing the mobile industry by bringing in affordable smartphones to the Indian market…they have amazing range of phones..actually you can say they have phones for every budget..if you have a fixed budget in mind you can find a phone of your need.

Other interesting thing I Wanted to talk about in this blog is about..these days we use our tabs and mobiles like all the time..reading ..gaming texting tweeting blogging..our fingers our on the go like all the time and now and then they begin to cramp..this is actually called Text Claw..don’t know what I am talking about ..

do you feel cramping of hand or wrist after continuous use..?? this may be because of  the repetitive action of fingers and they give rise to pain in the forearm too..there are few exercise which can alleviate this pictures I have shown ..some stretching exercises of wrist and hand which can really help alleviating the problem..I have tried these stretching they work actually..

In the pictures below ..I have shown the stretching ..follow them and you can relieve you wrists and hands after those temporary spasm..


Try these stretching after rigorous texting and mobile will definitely help..this can be done anywhere ..even at work its easy you continue your love for Micromax keeps bringing more and more inventions…


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