WOW – ‘My Wishlist For Santa’

Thank you Blog Adda for asking this…somebody finally asked me..what I wanted??, otherwise after marriage job to ask people if they -wanted something..;);) as we grow our demands from Santa also changes..from doll house it changes to a real house..from a toy car it changes to a real car..and so on..

Santa ..I wont waste time..will directly come to my wishlist…

Dear Santa..I think I have been  .a good wife..a goody goody mommy..and a good daughter too..please fulfill my wishes..

1.) I want to own a house this year..fed up renting and changing houses.

2.) Want to be self independent..need a job.

3.) I want to travel a lot this year..

well..really as I start writing things..I can see thousand things that I really want…I don’t want to go to I have listed the main ones…





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