My year in 2015 was actually quite interesting, The year didn’t start with lots of promises for me..It was just a casual year..and then things started to change when hubby decided to shift from Bangalore to Chennai..I was surprised and not actually prepared for this..I was shock for me…I had many friends there…our doctors,dentist,pediatrician,my favorite restaurants and super markets, yoga instructor, toddler group..trust me all these are not easy to find..it really take time..but I wasn’t left with much option..we had to come to Chennai, Chennai was not new for me..I have stayed here before, but somehow I wasn’t ready to leave namma Bengaluru.

The only that motivated me to come to Chennai, was our new house which was far away from the City and you could hear birds in the morning, see backwaters from the balcony and the clear sky with  the stars..Things started changing here..I got introduced to the social media and twitter in a new dimension, and I started blogging once again..once you start getting awards ..you start feeling good about yourself..and then came the #ChennaiRains ..that was a game changer..we could never imagine something like that could also happen..continuous rains, no power, no network..our area wasn’t that bad so..we could get groceries, we were cutoff from the world completely for 2 to 3 days..#ChennaiRains taught us many things

  1. we had good neighbors..there was no lift so we took stairs and we could actually meet people
  2. There is a life beyond TV and internet..and yes we can live without smartphones
  3. we learnt the value of food and drinking water
  4. we cannot take the nature for granted..
  5. we should not take the technology for granted…electricity or other facilities..
  6. Be nice to people, you don’t know who will be your savior in what time.
  7. Your close friends and family ..who really care about you ..will hunt you down..no matter where you are..never let them go

With this I Am gonna start my new year with a good note..

I have found my love for blogging and reviewing products and brands, this has given me confidence..I will have more respect more the nature, and other facilities that we have….I will be more human and show more act of kindness .I look forward to lot of writing..and reviewing products..#HappyNewYear 2016 to all those reading this..may this year bring lots of promises and faith.

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”





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