Why are we like what we are now??

Have you considered this question ever..??, slaves to our gadgets and hardly knows who lives next door..too much facility around us ..is it making us cringe in our own world..may be..

The other day My hubby took me to the tea shop where he usually takes his sutta and chai, he had been talking about how affectionate the chai wala and his wife were from quite some time, the had also sent us some dry fish earlier that month and refused to take any money for that..I readily agreed to visit them ..on our way to our dinner destination..it was a small shop ..quite shabby with old shelves and thin roof..a lady greeted me talking in hindi..I was amazed how she knew hindi..being in Chennai you hardly see the locals speaking hindi, she greeted me and little boy nicely and made us sit..I first hesitated but she didn’t give up until I sat there..what a lively person she was..she immediately convinced my 2 year old boy to go to her lap..he generally doesn’t get friendly that easy..she was very friendly to people who came to her shop..and talked almost to every customer in a very friendly manner..she had like 3 to 4 cats sitting under her chair..and then one of them came to her lap..and clung to her like she was her mother..then she showed me there was a dog inside too..she took me inside her room..the room was just an extension of the front shop..just covered with some roof and hand made doors..the dog inside stood almost seeing her and hugged her..I was so amazed..how was it possible to handle cats and dogs in such a small place..how were they feeding them..she was an incredible lady..only if you could see how the animals loved her..she was like a mother to them..we chatted some more and she told me her marriage story that they were from different religions..wooow..I got more respect for her..

This episode made me feel so different in the world I live in..we lock our selves in our apartment and even when we go out..we move in closed cars..we make sure no one sees us..the gadgets whether TV or smartphone..how they are slowly taking away our real social presence from the society..in a small house where they had hardly place for themselves they had real big hearts to accommodate cats and dogs..while we think so much before doing such deeds..we have excuses for everything..we escape from our real lives..we hardly look up from mobile screens to look up at people..how many people do we know from our own society..thanks to these lifts which lets us escape slyly from one floor to another so that nobody sees us..we are so worried about those small things in life..our demands ..they never end..we always keep craving ..I hope we lived in a world where we interacted more with people and animals and other things around us..how happy our those people who enjoy things that they have with them..and cherish it..unlike us who feel ashamed to call guests because sometimes we feel our house is not of that standard or the furnishing is not that nice to call friends..this meeting with the tea stall lady taught me that it doesn’t really matter…what curtains you have or what sofa you have ..what really matters is how you are with other people..do people around love you or I should rather say..do they even know you ..are we really present in the real world or we only exist in the online world?? Do we enjoy and cherish what we already have or the need to want more and more never keeps us happy.

That evening taught me many life lessons..Life would  be way better if we kept things simple..and enjoy it..lets enjoy the small things and its beauty..lets smile and talk to people around us..show love to animals..it will definitely give us more happiness..starting 2016 with a positive note..#HappyNewYear


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