Did you do your homework??


When a child is born..The wings of dreams are born of a parent..we start dreaming from the day onwards about their future aspirations..the happiness brings along the stress of planning their future as well..As the child grows..We hear from relatives and friends how they have been saving for their children and their education, what school is better..And so many things..Slowly we start stressing about these stuffs..Children have dreams..we have responsibilities to fulfill their dreams..I have decided to plan a better future for my child, supporting whatever he would want to become in future needs a planning..I wouldn’t want him to face the same issues we had as children..I won’t let him compromise his aspiration because of lack of a better planning.

The first question that comes here is do we know what your child aspires?? ..Is it what the same what we have been thinking or they have different plans?? ..Do we need help to know more on the subject..don’t we and guess what ..help is here..so there was a experiment/campaign done by Axis MF called #DoYourHomework where parents and children were asked to draw paintings of what they aspire and we saw that children chose both conventional and unconventional career options which surprised most of the parents who thought it be different. The next question that comes is..If we know what our child Aspires ..Do we know the cost of education in the current scenario and down the years how it will change..Wouldn’t we like to know the cost of education as per their career choice and then plan to invest accordingly so, this platform http://www.homework.axismf.com, launched by Axis MF has modules to answer all these questions and with step wise information on What? Where ? When ? and How Much? Which pretty much gives us a sense of how things will be down the years and how do we plan and invest accordingly..with so much media exposure these days ..children know a lot..about careers and professions..and we parents need to show them the right path..

There were several #DoYourHomework campaigns and experiments done at kidzania and croosword book stores, where parents were acquainted with the education cost calculator with painting activities for parents and children to draw their aspirations ..

Also there are fun activities for children with different age groups like coloring books, and short stories to keep them engaged and learn while they can learn and unravel a lot..


As a parent I feel more confident now.. I just don’t have dream I also have a plan and way to pursue it..just the dream to educate my child abroad is not enough..We need to proper investment to turn our Children’s dream into reality.

Log on to http://www.homework.axismf.com/ ..take the quiz to know the What? When? Where ? and How much ? of your child’s dream inspirations and #DoYourHomework..



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