‘A World Without Internet’

Oye..”Internet ka password batana“..this is a usual thing to hear when our friends come home and now even relatives have the same question ..the moment they enter the house..

And..why not..specially in this internet dominated world..where we are dependent on the internet in every way..we also experienced a similar episode during #ChennaiRains..when we actually went without internet for 5 days..I will share my experience over those 5 days when actually I was in a world without internet..

first day: could not just accept it..kept checking the mobile for network..on everybody’s mobile ..felt crazy..the whole existence of life seemed useless..

second day: started accepting that ..life can go on without internet..though i was missing on all my work..could not check Facebook, no twitter..can’t see recipes..can’t blog..so i was completely jobless..

third day: was better..i started cleaning the house and doing other things which needed my attention

fourth day: felt good that I was not addicted to internet anymore..i could manage my life without internet..

fifth day: we were getting signals now and then..became socially active..contacted everybody..life seemed back to normal..resumed work..but i took a lesson from the episode and started going internet free everyday for atleast sometime ..which helps me to engage in other activities..too

Not the a world without internet is possible…it’s just that we are too much dependent too much on the internet for everything..life will continue to run without internet too..but some tasks might seem very difficult..i also think sometime that internet is killing the creativity in people..we revert to internet for every possible thing..

for a blogger and social media influencer..there is no world without internet

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

One comment

  1. Too good…being a Chennaite…i could relate to each day from Day 1 to Day 5 as it progressed. Literally relived every Chennai Rain moment with your blog post. Well written…


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