Biharin Weds Tamilian Part II

So What dinner Today?? “, Hubby Replies..”anything man”…I walk towards the kitchen from the hall..(small journey)..thinking..and I spot Atta(wheat flour) on the shelf and decide to cook chapati after a looong time..well let me tell you, making chapati is not very takes both time and effort..I make a typical bihari style side dish to go along with it..Hubby asks later so “what is the dinner?? ..I reply Chapati..and there comes the usual rant..what Chapati..who will eat this man..and that face he makes..I get angry and tell cook for yourself..he goes to the kitchen makes some yummylicious kozambu or some spicy chettinad curry  and rice..I get tempted..We both laugh and I prefer to eat he prepared instead my cooked chapathis. ..moreover the branding, advertising he does for his will sure get tempted..this is something usual that happens in my house..he will somehow convince you that whatever he cooked tastes better than anything in the world..overtime I have realized that after marriage I have started loving South Indian morning tea is replaced by filter coffee..sambar and rasam have become my expertise now..

I tell you ..if at all you are getting married or plan to get married in the different culture be prepared for all something we need to eat atleast three times a day..adjusting to each others palate can be fun..sometimes not so much fun..but yes lots of experiments and new things does happen in the I am already an expert in rasam, sambar and kozambu (my hubby will never agree to this) quoting his words “These north indians come from some where and they think they know all about our cuisines”  but cooking together is good..shouting ..screaming on each other if something goes wrong..laughing on each other mistakes..they all lead to a healthy relationship..But the best advantage of marrying in a different culture is you learn a lot in cooking..your mind and taste palate starts appreciating varied might never know when the chai became obsolete..and filter coffee took over your life..Its funny see my hubby in the kitchen…even a child will not make a kitchen so he does when cooking..he will never close the dabbas..spread everything..but can’t deny the yummy dishes he makes..specially non-veg cannot beat him..we fight in the kitchen..shout and scream..blame each other..but cooking together brings us together..those sweet moments keeps our relation going…he enjoys eating and sometime cooking too..and I like to cook what he likes and learn South Indian cuisines to surprise him..

After all marriage is about #LoveAndLaughter


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