Biharin weds Tamilian

That first coffee together..and those romantic evenings..discussing sports and music..and that song..jumping over the gate to enter the hostel ..while he waits in the car to see if I was safe on the other different..and getting married is completely different..

Marriage is nothing even close to the courtship before marriage..only after marriage you realize that the language difference between you will be a problem will be a cause of so many differences which before the marriage was not even an issue..anyways so there are many many stories to a marriage..but the same things can be fun when you are in good my better half knows very little of hindi and I know very little of Tamil..very little to the power of very very little..

The first holi of our marriage ..we were invited to my hometown..and apart from my family the other relatives didn’t know he is a Tamilian ..we had preferred to tell people that he is a Bihari but has been living in Tamil Nadu for a long time…but my Hubby didn’t know this…So a neighbour pooped in the house one day and asked him “Beta tab kahan hua aapka gaon” , He looked at my face I told her aunty ..he is from Bhagalpur..but has spent all his childhood in Tamil Nadu so..cannot speak Hindi properly..she question..Haan toh beta aapke dadaji ka naam kya hua?? they generally assume that somehow all Biharis are related..He said some Kumar..and this lady went on..Kumar??? kumar..oh…achha achha..she started calculating ..and in the meantime I asked my cousin to take my hubby from he said jija ji chaliye match aa raha hai.. I spent 15 to 20 minutes explaining her why he his granfathers name was Kumar and why he didn’t know hindi..and the moment she left we all had such good laugh…and we told him ..why she was so confused???

This language barrier has been a cause of several argument and several jokes between much as I hate to see those vadivel jokes and he doesn’t appreciate Johnny Lever comedy..and we fight so much on the topic “which language was the oldest Tamil or Hindi??”..and end up laughing after sometime..but trust me language barrier is only a bridge..when differences of opinions meet ..its those sweet arguments that follow..there are various funny incidents ..specially when he talks in hindi..I love that accent..and that grammer..and I spend several minutes laughing….the biggest advantage is when I get angry I shower him with all the hindi gaalis..which he has slowly started to understand..;)

Marriage is all about #LoveAndLaughter, silly arguments..which turn to serious ones sometimes and sometimes funny jokes..

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