WOW – ‘Nobody Knows That I…’

well there are many many embarrassing things that many people don’t know about me and rest assured I am not gonna share those here either..but there is something which is both funny at the same time embarrassing which I guess I can share in my school when we were in class tenth we had a play where a couple fight was depicted and many girls went for the auditions ..even I was interested for the same ..yes, you guessed it right..I didn’t get the role..(no wonder I make such bad dubsmash videos) my teacher told me there was a role and she will tell me know what that role was?? In the play they needed somebody to ring the phone bell from behind the stage..and I was given that buzzer that they have in the office to call the peon ..and so desperate I was  to take part in the play that I didn’t tell no to this role..So according to the play, I would stand behind the curtain and had to intently hear the dialogues and prepare myself to ring the phone just on time..and stop at the right time..because the phone should not go on ringing after the person already picks it up ;);)…don’t laugh ..this was a tough job..also I had to keep all the props after the play was over ..



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