Are you a gadget freak???

I don’t know if it sounds rude but these days we are so much addicted to gadgets ..and can you count the number of gadgets you have at home…ufff…

A tablet for shopping and surfing and also watching videos sometimes..couple of smartphones ..I am sure one for everyone at home and then you have the kindle if you have love for books..and laptop,  that’s basically the most comfy device to work on isn’t it ? then there are those i pods and other stuffs..but there is no other go right??? we need to manage so many social media platforms and so many apps we need couple of devices at home ryt??

the other reason i guess is the reduced prices of smartphones theses days..we don’t refrain ourselves from buying another gadget..with so many of them lying around in the house we are sure to get addicted ..somehow..specially if you have one in every room..

I guess the best to have less screen time is keep minimum gadgets at home..and definitely find other interesting hobbies..or go out of the house away from wifi free zones..may be for a walk ..and make a routine to go without the gadget everyday for some time atleast



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