What is AnTuTu Scoring ??

Today I came to know about the AnTuTu Benchmark…which was a task a part of my mission in Redmi Note3 ,well so AnTuTu scoring is like knowing about the numerical score of your android device..So all you have to do is download an  app from Google Play  called AnTuTu Benchmark and after installation you can test the speed..

The testing is done in various categories and you can get the total score ..like) UX: scores the overall user experience of the hone in the real world based on mutitasking and runtime of the phone  2.) RAM : it calculates the RAM speed and application of your device ,the faster it can read or write , the faster it will perform 3.)CPU : this score tells how fast your phone will be..4.) GPU : this category handles the graphics..2D and 3D basically which helps us to know the performance of phone when playing high end games..

So I tested my Redmi Note3  and this is the result I got(see pic below) …it holds 11th position among others ..test your android device to know more about your beast..and share with me the scores ..if interested ..and device names too..won’t it be fun..lets see who wins??Screenshot_2016-02-26-17-07-58_com.antutu.ABenchMark[1]



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