Do you #ShareTheLoad??


A very emotional video by Ariel and I am sure all women can relate to it in some point of life..I have seen the same emotion in my father’s eyes when he sees me doing the house work..this video brought tears to my eyes as I could see myself in the video running and taking care of my house from day day to night ..hardly getting time to sip my coffee, while attending to my child and my hubby who prefers sit in the couch, watching TV and wants everything at the same place..I don’t know why men think that all house chores are women’s job..but do you really blame men for this..atleast I don’t blame them..that’s how they are brought up..they are told not to stir from their seat while watching TV because what are women for..from my childhood ..that’s what i have known..”my mother would say, you get up and come to kitchen ..that movie is not important for you …they are boys…they can should come to kitchen and help me serve need to learn this”..sometimes i would feel really bad and hated that partial behavior of my mother towards my brothers..but slowly i got used to it and made my self understand that girls need to be in the kitchen ..I just accepted it as I grew I child I would rebel sometimes..

Nothing much changed after marriage, its like a well understood fact that women means cleaning and laundry and all the chores..its not a men’s hubby still throws the clothes here and there ..he doesn’t even takes the effort to keep it in the machine..I need to collect it from everywhere..load it..put outside for drying and then fold it and later arrange in the respective cupboards..but that’s not even arguable its how it is..but again who do you blame…would you blame me for not complaining or that mother who never involved her boys to #ShareTheLoad..why do mothers choose to treat boys so differently in India ..why they are not asked to keep the plates in the sink..why they are not asked to their own laundry?? just because they are boys..who do I go and mom? or my mom-in-law? I am sure they have same views..because that’s what they learnt from their mothers..

Its difficult for me to change my husband views..he has been brought up like that he wont understand the concept to #sharingtheload unless he sees his daughter doing this in her inlaws house..but as a mother I can teach my son to that’s it not only a women’s chores should be done by each one of us who resides in the all eat all change clothes..why can’t you all do the house chores?? son is 2.5yrs old and he helps me to put clothes..when he drops water he runs to get the mop to clean that area..he has a kitchen set and he loves to cook ..atleast my boy understands that its a men’s job too..I feel happy that tomorrow he will grow up to be a different man man different from my husband and my brothers..he will I guess as mommies lets involve our sons more than you involve your daughters in the kitchen and other house works..let them take their plates when they finish food..let them put the clothes in will start from here …

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Adi cooking to#ShareTheLoad

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