Because promises need to be kept…

Jo Vaada kiya woh nivana padega…


Ah…those promises and the fate of them after marriage, pre-wedding which seemed to so easy to maintain, were so painful to maintain as the marriage years passed by..doesn’t this seem to be the story of every married couple…

yeah we made many promises too apart from what the pandit asked to keep during the marriage rituals..well most of it I didn’t understand during marriage since the entire ritual was held in Tamil ..and I kept nodding throughout..thankfully tamil weddings are a small ceremony otherwise you could imagine the fate of my neck nodding..

Immediately after marriage you will realize how the couple starts taking things for hubby dear did exactly the same and forgot all the promises he should have I guess through this post I can make those promises alive..i am listing down 7 kasams like 7 vachachans ;);)

Pehla kasam(1st):

mere pati parmeshawar…please don’t keep the towels on the bed..its damn disgusting..

doosra kasam(2nd):

I know you are very tired on weekends but that doesn’t mean you can’t lift your lazy bum to help me with house chores..even I get me to dust the house..(I am not begging ..I am ordering)

Theesra kasam(3rd):

Kindly treat my relatives the same way as you expect me to treat yours..your relatives are special ..ok??

choutha kasam(4):

TV ka remote pe haq sirf aapka hi nahi hai sir…what I mean to say is..the TV remote doesn’t belong to you like you have inherited what you come home in the evening ..I also don’t get time to watch the shows during the day..if there is a cricket match ..don’t behave like its a mandatory thing to tune into it..

Panchva Kasam(5th):

Please understand the differene between Ishtri(ironing) and shtri(woman) which constitution says that when men goes to office ..women should iron their never iron my clothes you?? so please iron your own clothes…

chathaa kasam(6th):

Dear Sir..don’t peek into my mobile …privacy is much appreciated..I don’t peek into your please keep this kasam ..

Saatvan Kasam(7th):

This is the toughest I guess..Please Keep all the above kasams..and lets make this world a better place ;);)

I know we all women have thousands of things we expect our hubby’s to do for us..don’t we have and I am sure they too have many  in things in their mind which they expect from us..but we already fulfill all our promises with utter faith and sincerity ..don’t we?? because we are the best..we women rock…

Lets hope that our hubby’s fulfill all the promises we have laid down for them ….all the best dear hubby..

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda





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