Memories of life….

Moments make memories…we all have so many memories that brings smile to our face.. sometimes the smallest of moments can make amazing such thing I would like to share here which has been very special to me The birth of my son..bag of mixed emotions I should rather say…it goes through so many stages of emotion..first its the anticipation, then the arrival which is painful, overwhelming amidst the doctors and nurses..relatives…its difficult to understand whats happening at that time….with so may people around you ..some calling you for wishes..and there are doctors and hardly get to see the little one who is all busy getting his vitals checked…then they wrapped him in soft clothes …and he was sleeping so peacefully…I was too tired to walk to him..the day passed with people wishing me and then the nurse would bring him to me for feeds..and then came the silent night..

When everybody slept ..this small guy who had slept the whole day decided to stay awake, may be it was the silence and the darkness that gave him the womb like feeling..he cried     ( may be he felt lonely) I picked him up from the cradle and got him to my bed..slowly…that was the moment ..I actually connected with him..I saw his tiny legs and hands and so pink nails..(sharp too)..It felt so good to have him by my side..there was absolute no noise and he felt so comfortable..I  live that moment again and again in my head so may times..only If could tell him that beautiful night was..may be someday I will tell him ..when he is big enough to understand it..that’s the beauty of special moments body can take that from you …

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