Kangana Sports the tough look

Kangana is seen doing extreme workouts in a new TVC by Reebok -the #FitToFight campaign, where she answers several questions in a very bold avatar..she looks aggressive and spontaneous. Her built looks very strong and sweaty. she is seen doing weight lifting, running and push ups..

The interesting part of the TVC is the way she answers the questions asked to her in a rather mooh tod fashion.

  • Ques: How did you react to your dad not supporting your career decision?
  • kangana: Focussed
  • Ques: You didn’t get offers after your first movie?
  • Kangana:I raised my Game
  • Ques: How did you deal with media criticism regarding your ability in English?
  • Kangana: I let that pass and  best one is (my personal favorite) the way she answers the next
  • Ques: people said that you didn’t have the look for the industry ?
  • she says : “Pardon” in awesome tashan
  • Ques: Two national awards where do you go from here?
  • I will keep sweating..

The attitude Kangana’s displays is something you would want to watch again and again..

According to Kangana, this is a campaign which fits perfectly to her personality and she is happy to be associated with the brand..

she says that this campaign will inspire many more women as well as men.

According to Dave Thomas Managing Director of Adidas Group,India Kangana was a perfect fit since they needed somebody not only with physical fitness and also mental fitness.



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