I swear by these social media apps

Recently I switched my mobile and wanted to see if there was really a app I couldn’t do without and so apart from those already installed social media apps which was Facebook didn’t download any other app..

After a week I downloaded Twitter ..I just could not live without it

The next app I felt really needful was ..2.) Instagram and then with instagram comes the layout app and the repost app..I so wish insta had an inbuilt repost and layout features..dont you guys wish that too

Roposo was next ..its a fashion app where you can engage with all the fashionistas ..there style ..cosmetic reviews and stuff

I have been resisting myself from installing the snapchat but I guess I cannot do it any longer..I am missing snapchat..

Pinterest I guess I am gonna control myself downloading the app..it takes too much space ..I guess I am gonna just avoid it

so I guess..I cannot do without Faceook,Twitter, Instagram Roposo and Snapchat

I have still not installed shopping apps..I am using my tab for the shopping apps ..next I will blog about the shopping apps which I can’t do without ..


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