Its the Game Night

What is the buzz everywhere today..yeah its match ..we all are talking about it and in a way preparing about it..You open facebook or twitter that’s what everbody is talking about ..various brands and social media channels are engaging people with contests and quiz about the match

some hashtags trending on twitter today are

#IndiaVsNz is the most hot topic everwhere

#IndiaKaPassion by Ebay asking the unique rituals people do to make their country win

another trending hashtag is #ClingOnToVictory for @castrolcricket

#CheerForYourKing from Burger King

So basically aaj jahan bhi jaoge cricket hi paoge…its same in all the news channels and other social media channels to like in Facebook most of the onlineĀ brands are conducting these cricket prediction contests…so go ahead and try your (4).jpg





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