Summer ready..are you??

Summer already peeking in and we are busy keeping all the blankets back and packing upp those heavy clothes..getting ready for the summer shorts and cool tees ..Good thing the layers of thick clothes are going ..bad thing more heat, more tanning. But we can get prepped in a better way right?? may be some tips like these could help..

1.) Always cover your head when going out in the sun, wear a cap or scarf. wear your shades and protect your eyes too

2.) Drink lots of water, make sure to carry a bottle of water whenever going out in the sun. also make nimbu pani at home add some jaljeera for a twist in the taste..

3.) Put your sunscreen lotion before marching out , keep your skin protected. also keep in mind to buy a good sunscreen lotion.

4.) summer also calls for going for a walk in evening ..if you have a beach nearby make the best use of it to talk a walk near the beach and get maximum breeze instead of going to shopping malls

5.) Wear cotton clothes and let your skin breathe, also choose lighter shades over darker shades.

6.) Make sure to eat food which is very easy digestible, avoid too much masala and excess oil. A lighter stomach with some salads is a good idea

These are couple of things we need to keep in mind to handle the summer in a better way.


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