MS Dhoni..The untold story promo released

The much awaited teaser of the movie MS Dhoni – The untold story is released. Sushant Singh Rajput is seen sitting on the platform bench  and then carrying the ticket collector sling bag and walking in the station with MS Dhoni’s reporting to a senior as Ticket collector is being played in the back drop, taking orders from the senior official regarding his duties and also we can hear the cricket stadium noise cheering for Dhoni as the cricket commentator announces “MS Dhoni finishes in style”

we can only imagine what experience Sushant Singh Rajput would have had playing this epic role. The movie is directed by Neeraj Pandey and we cannot wait to see this movie but we have to wait till 2nd September 2016. The Man ..The Journey..The Destiny ..

we are all geared up to know the Untold story behind Our Indian Caption..


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