Colloquial Desi taglines in ads going viral

#KyaPehnu and #AurDikhao , Ad campaign from Amazon  went viral in social media sites , Trending now is Flipkart from Flipkart Matlab Bilkul Pakka,you would have seen Amol Palekar in the new ad with Namit Das of the fame ‘Sumit Sambahl lega’, Shop clues had done a very similar thing with O! Bhaisaab and now Mall nahi market hai so basically Desi touch is working everywhere…and how can we not mention Dil ki deal of snapdeal most of which was done by our Own Aamir Khan

But yeah its true the desi touch does make the brand closer to the customers and personalizes the brand and the company, and also it remains in the memory of the people for a longer time…..because the colloquial touch gives a ‘apnapan’ to the ad campaigns and with these local language tags we tend to connect more ,  basically because this is how we communicate in our daily language and  thus it gives a sense of familiarity. Specially it manages to get attention of the youth .

But this is not  a new concept,  big brands like Coco-Cola has used it before “thanda matlab Coco-Cola” and Pepsi had come up with  yehi hai right choice baby Aha” there are many familiar ones like  Tata Sky- isko laga dala toh life jhingalala,  Tata Salt-desh ka namak ,  Tata Tea -Jaago Re, Surf Excel’s famous line daag Acche hai Red FM’s Bajatey Raho ..actually there are many more …So I guess more and more companies have started  using   quirky slogans and unusal hindi taglines to target specific local customers.










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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