Don’t we love ads from OLX?

I just love ads ..yeah call me ad freak and somehow these OLX ads, they manage to grab my attention.

Remember the  O! womania ..aha womania had become so popular and was so catchy ..The lady(Meher Mistry) finds that she can sell the old things and dances her way to O!Womaniya…buying new things ..there was a sequel to the song too where the womaniya encourages her relatives/friends who are using the baby pram as a tray to sell of old stuffs…we would watch it everytime it came on TV..was funny isn’t it?


Then we saw a change in the ad style when instead of some fun and quirkiness there was an emotional touch to the video with Aadhe Tere Aadhe mere song with Sayani in the ad feeling low about the fact that how dependent be come on our hubbies after marriage, it managed to touch many cords of our hearts, we all feel now and then that we were more independent before marriage..and the background song Sona Mahapatra makes the emotional vibe so strong in the ad


The recent OLX grooves you to the catchy line “Ab no more dekhte hai ..OLX pe bechte hai”..after you see this ad ..this will remain in your mind humming for along time..Amit Trivedi will not let you forget this jingle..the ad shows how stubborn we are to cling on to our old things while we keep postponing important things we really need to buy


Yet again OLX ad captures the janta attentions..we love the creativity ..


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