Did you pledge on world water day?

Today is world water day , and Its nice to see that various brands are spreading the awareness through social media channels..

some tweets by these famous celeb on #WorldWaterDay

PM Narendra Modi tweeted #WorldWaterDay demonstrates the need to spread greater awareness on water related issues and collectively conserve precious water resources

Hilary Clinton tweeted Every family deserves access to clean water, safe water no matter where they live.

Richard Branson tweeted By 2025 1.8bn will be affected by water scarcity. its time we do something.

Irfan Khan tweeted There is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed

Many brands like Tata Group, Nivea, quick heal  also joined in and tweeted for the cause  whaters.com engaged people by conducting a contest on twitter and taking their views on water preservation. ..Colgate has also dedicated a website, where you can find all the data of water related issues and how to save water

see the official world water day video here

We waste a lot of water when we brush, when we take bath or wash clothes ..all this can be definitely brought under control..lets pledge to save water and realize that there are many people who are suffering somewhere without access to clean water, many women waster  three to four hours collecting water for their households which is definitely not fair. we can all do our bit in saving water.and we should.



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