Guilty..Guilty..says Sasha

Sasha Chettri, the Airtel 4G ad girl finally accepts “Sabko paka diya nahaan, hamesh apak pak, thats what her friends say in the new Airtel ..last year Airtel had launched series of such ads by one, Sasha Chettri torturing peole on roads,restaurants, hostel and where not asking to take the Airtel 4 G challange and it was getting on nerves, we would immediately change the channel hearing her voice and various people from the social media had given their reactions ..tagging her as the Airtel irritating girl.

But the recent Airtel commercial has seen a change, Sasha has not only toned down her tempo in which she usually talk but also accepted that she has irritated everybody and is assured that there will be no 4G where they are taking holiday in Shillong but to her surprise the natives there are all familiar with Airtel Ad and they all happen to be using the same Airtel has reached everywhere,  that what the company wants to highlight I guess.


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