These ads could have been better..


Ok so this ad which starts with  Hey Sonakshi kya lag rahi ho? (trying to compliment as in she is looking amazing) in the zabardasti ka foreigner trying to speak hindi  in his accent..and she replies in a further irritating way morning to night aise hi hoon(she is like this from  morning to night)..and she starts dancing in the Relaxo footwear OMG!! really i start searching for the remote when this ad comes on TV..

Another Ad is this Ranbir Singh for Rupa Frontline..Vest ad..yeh aaram ka mamla hai seems to go wrong this time, with Ranbir going over enthusiastic, the ad also got attention from PETA for Ranbir hitting the shark in the ad..I don’t like the background score either.  with other things like RanbirSingh ‘s buttock catching the ball ..yak!!


This another ad by which tries to send a massage to all the ladies to fashion everyday but I find the score very loud and not like something you would relate to fashion, and definitely I wouldn’t want to take fashion lessons from Farah Khan…the song doesn’t go with modern women who would like to get fashionable, I wonder who is the target consumer in the ad.


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