Wished you were at the Chinnaswamy staduim today??

Yeah ..I wished I was at the Chinnaswamy Staduim to feel the real heat of the last over ..When everything was dependent on Pandaya ..and the croud at the staduim ws going crazy, the twitterati’s were swearing and the all cricket lovers were glued on to the screens leaving everything behind..the situation was tensed ..Pandaya was our only hope that time..and then the first ball fetched a single run followed by a four ..what ?? we knew that nothing can save India now and then again a four..OMG !!..we were all mad at that time ..the croud at the staduim had gone silent ..and then the next ball guess what  catch out(by Dhawan) yes …another ball another wicket taken(by Jadeja) ..we had hopes now with three balls remaining and two runs to make ..we didn’t know what was the strategy ..and then Pandaya throws a dot ball and Dhoni picks the ball and runs to the wicket ..for a second we didn’t know what was happening..and the umpire calls for third umpire and it was a run out…yaaay !! we won with a run….India registers a win against Bangladesh ..such a close call …OMG!! I still can’t believe what was happening..Great Win..Great match…Happy Holi Friends!!!



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