Bajrangi Bhaijaan ..good watch

Somehow I never used to watch Salman’s movie movies..until I came across Bajrangi Bhaijaan that was aired on star plus few days ago, What a movie..everything in the movie..the characters, the dialogues, the comedy timing and the emotions are so well planned and executed..The typical Salman Khan action ..

well if you talk about the actors alone, awesome collection of actors are there . Salman plays the innocent Bajrangi who believes in Bajrang Bali so much that he bows in front of any monkey that he comes across. he is extremely honest and never lies which helps him get his work done because of his innocence, he learns that being Hindu doesn’t mean you can’t enter mosque, we should accept the beliefs of other religions as well.We should give respect to beliefs of other religions as we do for our own. The small girl who he has to help reach her country i.e Pakistan makes him break his superstitions and conservative belief. Kabir Khan covers a lot in the story from religion to main focus on  India Pakistan Border


Kareena plays the simple girlfriend, very understanding and nice character. Nawazuddin Siddiqui the reporter, he is so natural and makes you laugh at the right time…the run and chase is exciting in the second half..Om Puri the Moulabi Sahab plays a good dildaar role..Those comedy sequences where munni goes to eat chicken in the neighborhood is fun to watch she cannot resist at all and she cheers for Pakistan while watching cricket, surprising everybody as no body had a hint she was from Pakistan.



The score is good ..Selfie le le ray was a popular song ..and bhar de jholi is my favorite ..loved the durgah effect to it ..The movie starts with Aaj Rang Hai ..written by Hazrat Amir Khusro ..a very popular sufi song.

Well I just loved the movie..better late then it if you haven’t..


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