Because night should be a goood night

So..How do you plan your sleeping routine?? are you like what sleeping routine?? what does that mean?? I feel sleepy I just crash with laptop on one side and phone another ..yeah I used to do the same until recently ..My Little Boy Adi taught me to have a good sleep routine. So before I tuck Adi to bed we do a fun exercise..and he loves it..

Step 1 : Brush your teeth.

Step 2: Wash Your Face

Step 3: Go pee

Step 4: wash your feet

Step 5: Change your dress

step 6: Sip some water

Step 7: Go to bed

so we keep reciting this while he keeps finishing these tasks one by I just followed same steps a week ago and it was so refreshing and so relaxing that I started doing this as a routine and am loving it ..if you don’t believe me ..try it for yourself and see..


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