Holi aayi re Kanhai..

One of my favorite festival holi is here but Holi is different away from home so different ..After marriage I have hardly celebrated Holi not that I used to play colors much before marriage, coming from a very conservative family I was never allowed to go out and play holi like my brothers instead I was supposed to assist mom in the kitchen and pooja done at home ..but we had lot to look forward to ..I mean gujiyas, dahi vade, kanji vade, puas I would actually get sick eating them ..and the evening would be like dressing up and waiting for those boring relatives to hop in, and stare at their face, serve them all the cooked delicacies.

Yeah so actually I have nothing to feel so sad about now that I don’t play holi, technically I never played holi but still I miss those kind of boring holi which was better than this kind of boring Holi..never mind..In south you don’t see much celebration going on..so we stayed home, me and Adi smeared colors on each other, took lot of selfies, and it was a Happy Holi overall..Happy Holi Guys…!!!!!



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