To worry or not to worry about exams…

The New Bournvita Badam booster ad tells parents not to worry about marks because eventually marks they don’t matter as the principal asks parents their marks in 10th exams and non of them remember ..she says she got 59% exams and she is the principal this she proves that marks is not important “aisa koi report card nahi bana jo bacche ki kabiliyat bata sake“..what they learn is more important..Well I don’t know what message parents are supposed to take from this why are there marks and ranks in schools in first place ..will not my child feel bad if he doesn’t get a good rank..why are toppers called toppers then ..the whole point is to encourage other children to study more and get to the top..right??

Will children take studies seriously without the marks system and rank system then?? ofcourse its our duty to make sure that learn concepts and not just for exams but not worrying about marks …that is difficult..


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