Divorce ..a taboo?

Now that social media is at our finger tips, we are bombarded everyday with news of divorce from media and everywhere of famous celebrity couples, whether it was the famous pair Hrithik and his childhood love Suzzane or much famous couple Malaika and Arbaaz, recently we heard about Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna. Not only the divorce news but celebrities are going open with reasons they chose to part ways. But still this is restricted to high societies where the women is independent enough to take her decisions moreover I guess its about financial independence, or else how would a woman support herself. Still many women just succumb to the demands of life the differences in relationships . Even if you have the courage to break free, face the society, can you support yourself after partying ways is the big question, nobody would like to go back to parents, you don’t want them to carry the burden.

More than that getting a lawyer and going through all the complications, what if it is not a mutual decision, and the child custody, it s too much to handle and so the best you can handle marriage difference is to just stay and keep adjusting. Hollywood movies if you see, they just decide to move away and find partners, no matter what age, they go ahead and manage children with both parents seeing the child one by one and they mutually agree to settle the marriage. But definitely it will take a lot of time to for our society to accept this.

Yesterday we saw in Times Now finally their was a debate why there is a discrimination between men and women in muslim laws ..why a man can just announce divorce by saying Talak three times. it went viral with #OneIndiaOneLaw ..well we don’t know if the law will be changed anytime sooner but atleast we are talking about it. So the society has started changing, people have started protesting, People are speaking their minds now and it will strengthen women to come out and be frank about relationships they are tagging for the sake of tagging, they are not happy to be in it but they have the fear of society so they choose to stay.



Recently a TV serial launched in StarPlus called Tamanna (Her Dreams wont die) is talking about this similar issue where a woman had decided to take a divorce after her life has gone through so many sacrifices and comprises, finally she has taken a step to break free.It is kind of answering every doubt a women has before taking that decision. like one of the episode the divorce lawyer played by Sonali Kulkarni says that “we always worry about our children as in what impact they will have of the divorce but actually children suffer more if their is a bad relationship among the child’s parents”.very striking indeed


Divorce might still be a very conservative word in small town but things will change in the times to come, there is no point in adjusting and making sacrifices unnecessarily where your happiness is not valued.

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