Tu Ban ja meri GF..

Suraj Pancholi and Jacqueline looks super hot in the video Song by Tseries. Jacqueline’s debue as the female singer. Gurinder Seagal is the male singer. The song is choreographed by Remo D’souza. This video song comes in the category of singles launched by Tseries.

Suraj cool moves in the video will make you dance and Jacqueline’s sexy moves will make you watch the video again and again. Her attitude is super hawt too.

The song setting, the garage scene , the pub and their looks and outfits are all well planned and executed. Jacqueline’s entry in the red car and finally accepting Suraj’s proposal to be her GF is interesting. You will actually start enjoying the song when Jacqueline starts her moves.


the lyrics is also interesting..Jacqueline’s voice has attitude and we love it when she blinks and says “I know” and Gurinder’s husky voice is just perfect




  • Banda to accha hai,handsome bhi lagta hai, dont know if i need you

we love this pair, hope to see them in the screen together.

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