My favorite baby products/essentials

Hey guys, today  I am gonna talk about my favorite baby products so far, We have tried couple of products since Adi is born and some of them I have really really liked and suggest my friends to go for it when they ask me.

Body Wash/Soap:

When Adi was born we wanted to go for the mildest baby products and we chose Sebamed baby wash..This is very mild for the new baby skin. yeah little costly around Rs.500 but it was a product I swear by for babies,  We never had any issues of skin rashes or itching. we used it till Adi was 1.5 years old and then we changed as we felt that Adi was getting really dirty now crawling and walking and he needed to move on from mild. After Adi turned 2 we moved on from body washes and tried soap too we like Himalaya Baby soaps particularly the Watermelon and honey and milk range

sebamed baby wash

Shampoo: The first shampoo we ever used was only after Adi was 6 months old, that was the time Adi had hairs on his head and it would get dirty as we felt and we chose Chicco Shampoo and till now ( adi is 2.5 yrs now) we are using the same its mild and we love the smell. Its a no tears shampoo still be careful when you shampoo your baby, make sure to take care so that shampoo doesn’t go inside the eyes.

chicco shampoo

Baby Lotion: We used Sebamed lotion for the first few months, it has good smell and no stickiness. but later Adi was getting these allergies from mosquito bites now and then and he would get rashes on the skin so we switched on to cetaphil lotion and worked amazingly well. it was prescribed by our doctor. we just loved it though it doesn’t have very babyish smell but it was useful. we also used dermacalm for his skin rashes but now Adi doesn’t get these rashes so we are using Himalaya body lotion and it works well for his skin, has good fragrance, not very costly and moisturizes well.

sebamed baby lotioncetaphil

Baby Oil:

The First baby oil we bought for Adi was Olive oil but it used to feel sticky and so we switched on to Himalaya Baby MassageOil, we like it a lot since it was non sticky and it wouldn’t leave its mark on the towels and his dresses. In between we also gave him massage with mustard oil now and then when he would get cold and all, mustard oil really helps but it sticks to the clothes and smells too so you got to deal with it.

himalaya massage oil

Baby Rash cream:

We never had issues of rashes much, may be once or twice so we used Sebamed Baby rash cream. The cream is quiet thick and rich in texture. It helps to heal quickly. other things that are useful for rashes are pure coconut oil and let them be diaper free for the air to circulate.

sebamed baby rash.jpg

Baby Toothbrush and Toothpaste:

We started brushing only after he had few teeth atleast before that we would his mouth with a clean cloth. we tried several brushes from chicco to the finger brush and then Johnson brush too (this was the only Johnson product I ever bought) and then we moved on to the Colgate baby brushes. they are available in different colors. the bristles are perfect for toddlers. we had started using Chicco toothpaste(strawberry flavour) but it was too sweet and he used to lick it. so slowly we shifted to normal toothpaste, the ones we use.

colgate brushes.jpg

Disposable Diapers:

Well..we didn’t use disposable diapers initially, we were scared of rashes and so we used cloth diapers but later when we started going out regularly we started using them and last 2 years we have tried almost all like Huggies, Mamy Poko pants but my favorite is Pampers from the initial days, that time initially when we started pamper pants was not available also it was easier to put the normal diaper but as he grew making him lie down to put that normal pampers was very difficult and that was the time pampers pants came to rescue. I love the softness and the quality of pampers pants.




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