Time Lapse In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Next time when you tune into YHM, you will see there is entirely a new story, Ishita and Raman are separated. There is a time lapse of 8 years and We don’t know how Ruhi looks like after 8 years well.. I can give you some hint, Ruhi’s charachter will be played by Aditi Bhatia

aditi bhatia.jpg

Adi’s chracter will be played by Abhishek Verma

abhishek verma

we don’t know what are new characters will join in since all the children will grow up…lots of exciting things to look forward to, we saw Ishita in Australia in the last episode so this is clear that Raman and Ishita are no longer together.well lets see

Time lapse is usual thing in serials to attract the attention of the viewers, who have got bored with the usual stuff and needs more masala.


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