dinner at dominos,kelambakkam

After we have moved to Chennai, the frequency to restaurants has considerably reduced. But can you help pizza cravings?, so Pizza craving took us to Dominos in Kelambakkam. This was our second visit. The place is little off the public croud in the sense its quiet dark thereI the road I mean),  wont suggest going there without your own vehicle.

The place was full but not over crowded, no waiting and all, the croud was mainly of students and family. we ordered our usual Barbeque chicken pizza, hubby’s pepperoni and for Adi we ordered Tacos, this was the first time we ordered Tacos and trust we it was super awesome. loved the chicken filling and cheese in it and yeah garlic bread to complete the order we wanted take away so that we could eat it aaram se at home. and since home is just few minutes away so you know Pizza was still hot, why we didn’t order instead then ?? because we wanted to go for a small drive.


One cute thing I liked about the place is the small staircase that they have for kids to stand and observe the pizza base making. Adi stood there for a long time watching the pizza being made, this was the first time I saw how the pizza base is made, how meticulously he was doing with the hand, I will attach a video for you  to see.


well so place is good only that it is far away so you need some vehicle to go if you are coming from some distance,


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